X-Bionic Biking Effektor Functional Clothing Adult OW Arm Warmer DX SX No Seam

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Efficiency way to built-in answers make the X-Bionic Effektor PowerARMS Lime Inexperienced-the Pearl Gray. Effektortechnologie of apparel the temperature controls aktiv. this ensure the 3-dimensional knitted construction on a Partial taking a look Compression Stege. this Reaction neuro-Allows peripheral nerve Aktionsbereitschaft. consistent within the ensuing higher Muskelreaktion -kontraktion -koordination, and cut back the wounds and Ermüdungsrisiko, because the momentum alternate among neuronaler the mind and muscular tissues an Maximum cling available on the market. ExpansionRips Ellenboden spread their Zusatzluftpolster after Ziehharmonikaprinzip Isolationswirkung and is still at the Beugebereich keep the Warmth Switch among the Zone “Partial-bars, Warmth, referred to as regards the cooling optimised with out Isolationswirkung negligible
the entire excellent as will also be utterly seamless, made out of one piece are made and is totally Anatomically tailored for left and proper Arm integrated within the supply:

Options:-Partialkompression apparel, ExpansionRibs (TM), No Seam-No seams, Warmth Switch house, Neuro-Reaction Bandage aktivbund ®, Neuro-Reaction, Good Compression zones
Materlial technical Composition: eighty% polyamide, 10% elastane, 10% Polypropylene

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