Slide Stainer Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer

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Computerized slide stainer that gives a brand new stage of comfort and standardization for low-quantity labs. Supplies dependable Computerized slide staining with countertop comfort. In a position to stain as much as 100 slides/hr and removes hard work-extensive guide staining even as standardizing the method for greatest high quality and blunder relief. 15 programmable staining protocols with as much as 35 steps every for optimum flexibility. Protocols can also be stored and shared throughout a couple of units by means of USB power for whole slide staining standardization. Smaller footprint suits so much counter tops. 22 stain reservoirs for plenty of staining protocols. Bi-directional robot arm permits for modern and regressive staining protocols. plumbed rinse stations for wash flexibility. 30 slides/arm motion for small batch keep watch over. Charcoal clear out or Not obligatory vent equipment. Not obligatory different stain reservoirs. Tinted fume duvet to offer protection to from UV gentle.

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